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Lotus Festival India
Design - Lotus Eco Village, Leh Ladakh
Asian Art Show, Magzine_ART_Korea
Face India International Arts Festival 2013
Indo-Korea Art Exhibition 2013
Face of Punjab 2013
Face of Ghaziabad 2013
Paint for Delhi Peace
Art to Heart, season 4
Face India International Humanism Recovery Festival, 2011
Art To Heart, travel Art Concert 2009
Art To Heart, Season Four, 2013
* Nicephore Niepce photo event ifa 2008
* Face of Asam 2009
* Face of Delhi 2009
Art Times

College of Art & Design

Humanism Recovery Movement


* Great Himalyan Biking Expedition to Leh Ladhak 09

* Expedition to Leh Ladhak 10

*Road Safety Campaign 

Visual Art Bank



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