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face India International Humanism Recovery Festival 2011


 Face India international Humanism Recovery Festival 2011 is a World-healing project where the goal is to connect people of the world over and recover humanism through a festival via different activities. FIIHRF is a world-healing project under FACE India Foundation's Humanism Recovery Movement.
On the 100th birth anniversary of New Delhi we celebrated and organized a humanistic approach festival and gave bireth to a worldwide day titled as “World Humanism Recovery Day” on 11.11.2011, where we will conducted  different activities such as: Meditation, Historical Participation, Road Safety, Distribution, Medical Camp, Exhibitions, Workshop, Film Screening etc. There was many performances by the artists, performers, writers, schools, organizations and tourists from all over the world. FIIHRF 2011 was all about art, culture and educational ways of humanism recovery. Education is one of the most important systems wherein the history of a country, its culture, religion and education is the only way to unite people and countries.
This festival was not just for the capital's but the entire nation's and world's first such humanist approach festival. It has the mission – “Save Humanity, Save the World”
Our vision to have humanity based activities where we can recover our humanism which is forgotten in today's materialized world. it is a step to connect human beings on the ground level. The festival is a step towards recovery with art, cultural and educational performances of the world.

Through humanist activity in art and culture, India is seen as an icon. We, at FIIHRF, believe that humanity is never obstructed by forms or controlled by countries. Humanity is a notion constantly in search of new contents and forms. FIIHRF looks forward to invite humanist projects from other parts of the world and open new ideas for exploring different approaches to the development and creation of humanist approach with art, cultural and educational works.
Eleven activities

1. Angels Walk
Angels walk was an exclusive walk where all people participated. The Walk started from Free Church to YWCA all the way to Jantar Mantar (in central Delhi) on 11th November, 2011 at 10:30 am. New Delhi, the capital city of India. (Angels walk will have very peaceful gathering with hundreds of people including Artist, students and professional with the concept of Angels, painting a big canvas on street after finishing walk and chit-chat on social issues. as we all know angels are the messenger of god and today's time we really need blessings from the nature to save this earth and we need humanity to save the World.)

2. Meditation
Meditation helps many people achieve peace of mind, tranquility. So why do we need to have a calm mind in the first place? The world is a busy place, and our position in it is just as busy. We are career professionals or stay at home moms; we are parents with daily responsibilities and obligations to keep our children well taken care of, students trying to make the grades to get into good institutes. on your plate, a busy life requires balance. By incorporating meditation into your life, you can give yourself a break from a life of obligation and replace that with replenishing your mind to prepare for the next day with a fresh attitude and perspective.

3. Film Screening
The FIIHRF 2011 is dedicated to showcasing films, from around the world, which emphasize the oneness of humanity and perseverance for peace. By bringing together moving stories of individual and collective triumph over suffering, in their effort to resolve global conflicts of various causes, we hopethat the audience will be inspired to contribute, in whatever form it may be, to the universal goal of peace on earth.

4. Plays and Performances
Streat Plays (Nukkaad naatak) with the concept of public issues like: HIV Prevention, Polio, Child Abusing, Child Labour, Discrimination, Ethics, Religious, Education, Welfare, Peace, Woman Child Devlopment, Road Rage, Humanity.
Theatre, Music and Dance performances: Classical Music, Classical Dance, Theatre Plays, Music bands, Sufi performance, Traditional Dance

5. Candle Light and birth of Humanism recovery day
The Candle light program was a social activity of FIIHFR 2011, it was held at different cities of India in different locations. Candle is a source of fire and fire is a symbol of purity and energy.
o Candle light would be the witness for the birth of “World Humanism Recovery Day” on 11th November 2011 and it would be celebrated worldwide.
o Major candle light ceremony held at “All India Fine Arts and Crafets Society, Rafi Marg” on 11.11.2011 at 6:00 pm, everybody is invited to light candle over there for the cause of Humanism.

6. Distributions
o Distribution is one of the best sources of charity, this is one of the very important activities where every citizen can participated and helped the necessary people by donating food, clothes and stationery material.
o Here we request citizen of India to donate their useless items to us so we can distribute them to the needy.

7. Historical art Participation
To bring children on historical document on 11.11.11 (11th November 2011) and “Historical Art Participation” documents will recognized as partnership to start “World Humanism Recovery Day” on 11th November 2011. This document will include all entries in different area of visual art in FIIHRF 2011.

8. Art Exhibition/Workshop
The Art exhibition is a source of expression of our art works to society. Visual arts are equally engaging with many collaborative exhibitions highlighting Indian and foreign artists.
The Art exhibition had different mediums and methods of artwork such as Paintings, Drawing, Print, Sculpture, Installation and Photographs.
The Art workshop focused on “humanity” and “save earth, save world” concept.

9. Forum & Seminar
Forums and seminars will be held on * humanity and the materialistic world? *How we are losing our morals and ethics in this fast moving world of materialization? How we are making our life more and more complicated? Other topic would be how visual artist can help society by focusing on social issues and art management for artist.

10. Road safety rally
Road safety Rally: Aim of rally to spread the tips on road safety to reduce road accident and make roads safer for all, road safety tips spread by number of bikers with posters, broachers, plays etc. Riders will cover around 111 km with the team of 11 motor bikes with pillion riders. Road safety rally aims at mobilizing people in the field of prevention of traffic accidents and so spreading a road safety culture.

11. Medical camp
The medical camp provided the basic treatment, consultancy to the deprived and medicine provided free.










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