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At the Heart of their Art Understanding Children Through Their Creativity
Dreams are the first purposeful marks left by children. Dreams are the building blocks of children's art. At first glance, dreams may seem nothing more than play. Most adults view such work as nothing special. Few parents remember their children's dreams forever. Nevertheless, this creation has great significance. Every child is an inborn artist. Activities such as drawing, painting, and sculpting are a part of human nature, and every human being experiences the urge to create and to communicate through their creations. FACE INDIA (Foundation for Art, Culture & Education) respects these dreams in its pursuit of promoting and helping creative individuals and dedicates this campaign to the dreams.

With devoted spirits in pursuit of developing and encouraging creativity and it would only be apt to identify creative people at the young age and train them to be professionals. Today creativity is the only differentiation in the parity market. But Most of them choose to either decline it or get influenced with the present mind set restraining their talent to a mere Hobby and then slowly fade away, we fight for such individuals with the creative acumen, providing them wit resources and a platform to showcase their skills in the big arena and what better place to find them than schools.

The focus of creativity should remain on process: the generation of ideas. Adult acceptance of multiple ideas in a non-evaluative atmosphere will help children generate more ideas or move to the next stage of self-evaluation. As children develop the ability for self-evaluation, issues of quality and the generation of products become more important. The emphasis at this age should be on self-evaluation, for these children are exploring their abilities to generate and evaluate hypothesis, and revise their ideas based on that evaluation.

The FACE OF ASSAM is a unique art event, involving various schools in Assam to explore and recognize the talent of studentís creativity. At each school level the students creative works of art will be displayed and judged by jury panel.

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